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Jayc Harold

"Honky Tonk's Best Friend"

"Jayc is an experienced performer who has proven himself on the road in front of large audiences including; Country music fans, Christian Country and Americana. His unique vocals and style command the stage. Comments from diverse music fans have proved to be enthusiastic, a dynamic powerful testament to Jayc's ability to please an audience no matter what the genre. While there are times one gets lost in his tall good looks, one quickly finds their way back into the passion of his unique style and the stage presence he exudes." 

Jayc has seen his share of hard times. When he was 10 years old, his older brother passed away and left the family in turmoil. Tragically, a year later, his older sister passed away. This turned his father to the bottle, only adding to the family's grief. As the eldest son, Jayc began working 40 hours a week in the family's automotive shop while going to school full time. His song "Hard Times" didn't come as a hook line....Jayc has lived it.

Jayc is not only a phenomenal talent, but a phenomenal person. New Classic Country Records is honored to be associated with such an consummate talent.

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Jayc is to Honky Tonk what apples are to pie!!


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