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Kerensa Joy Archer

"East Tennessee Firestorm"

Born in the birthplace of country music, just outside of Bristol, TN, Kerensa Joy Smith is true to that heritage. The music theater scene in Pigeon Forge, TN couldn't possibly have been prepared for the firestorm of talent that she brought to the area theaters. Her vivacious personality, lyrical voice, and instrumental ability came as a dynamite package to be unleashed on unsuspecting audiences. Her ability to connect with the audiences has made her the standard of excellence for any entertainer in the area.

Kerensa's vocal ability covers a broad spectrum of vocal timbre enabling her to sell a song of any style or tempo, from the most tender ballad, to a high flying bluegrass tune. She is a producer's dream. She is devoutly loyal to all her fans and is a marvelous spokesperson for the music scene in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Kerensa has had the opportunity to spend this last year in preparation for the exciting events of the future. Enjoying a much needed rest after performing two to three shows per day for five years, she will be back on the music scene with a refreshed fervor. Do not miss an opportunity to hear her when she is nearby.

New Classic Country Records is thrilled to have such an inordinate talent as Kerensa on our roster!

Hear the East Tennessee firestorm right here!


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