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Shareen King

"Classic Country Powerhouse"

This singer/songwriter was raised in a small country town in beautiful upstate New York and is the youngest of six musical children born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Lawyer. At the early age of 3 she started singing in church with her brother Darin. When she would sing he would at times say, “Why do you have to do that thing with your voice?”

From the old Lincoln automobile parked on the front lawn of the farmhouse, you could hear Grandpa Noah singing with the country greats playing on his 8-track. Shareen would run to the car just to listen in and for a chance to sing along. Her heart for country music began to grow.

Grounded with the inspiration Shareen received singing with her family, she continued to perform throughout high school; benefit shows, retirement homes, hospitals, fairs and conventions. The buzz hit the streets. She started recording songs written by contemporary Christian songwriter Robert S. Wright which led to more opportunities singing demos and jingles. Soon she landed gigs doing lead and backup vocals with well-known New York country artists and bands. She says, “You end up performing for quite a different mix of people. Some of them are very outspoken and can say things that are not always kind however, no one can get around paying dues in this business.

Shareen has classic country music in her heart and soul, and performs it with such passion and excellence that it makes you want to get up and move.

We are thrilled at New Classic Country Records to enjoy the company of such an enormous talent at Shareen King.

See if you can just sit there when this Classic Country Powerhouse gets to the chorus!!


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