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Tiffany Turner

"Country as Country should be!"

This Alabama girl is the case study in the perfection of the classic female country voice. You will never hear any finer example of true country than what she brings to the dance. She is the ultimate voice in true country today. Her performances are mesmerizing as she wrings every drop of emotion, out of every note, every time.

What an honor to have Tiffany as part of the New Classic Country Records family. Everything about Tiffany tells you that she is country to the core. She's truly s Southern belle...sorta like sweet tea!! Sweet she is... inside and out.

Her vast stage experience sets her apart from the crowd of many of the other performers today. She has paid her dues. Tiffany is a true professional. 

Check out her "Truth Serum" video on YouTube. It is phenomenal!!

Audiences feast on every note she sings. And yes, those curls, just like her vocals, are for real!!!!

Listen to Tiffany Turner... Country as Country should be!